sharing GM responsibilities

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  • Create the Story Together
  • Play Honestly
  • Always Seek the Most Interesting Twist

I Missed You, d20

When you play Dungeon World without a GM, sit a d20 in front of a random player. When you want help determining some random fiction, use the moves below in combination with the results of the Quests and Navigation moves for locations, discoveries and dangers. The current holder of the d20 can trump a single dispute with their preferred idea, as well as having access to these three new moves:

Establish Disposition

When the story focuses on an NPC whose disposition is yet to be established, roll a d20. On a 10-, They appear negative to you or your goals. On an 11-15, their position is neutral or unclear. On a 16+, their influence or attitude seems positive to most observers.

Approach Objective

When you approach a situation or location for a specific purpose not covered by Quests and Navigation, roll a d20. On a 10-, there is immediate hardship. On an 11-15, there is hope beyond a temporary setback or complication. On a 16+, things couldn’t seem simpler.

Pass Judgement

When you use one of the above moves or use your temporary GM powers to impose an unwanted circumstance, pass the d20 to the player on your left.

Modified Basic Moves

When you Spout Lore, state what you think you know, then roll to see how right or wrong you are.
When you Discern Realities, anyone can answer your questions, but be ready to use the unasked questions to generate surprising failure results in the near future.

Fronts, Portents, Secrets

When anyone fails a 2d6 roll, the holder of the d20 may choose to add a Front or a Grim Portent. These may be announced immediately or kept secret until the time is right (and you have the d20 again). It can be fun to surprise your fellow players with traps, puzzles or betrayals, but always play your character based on your character’s knowledge, not yours. Betrayals are best to come from NPCs, not PCs.
On a miss, if you need help deciding what might happen, roll a d12 on the GM moves list.

End of Session Questions

When you begin a Briarwood campaign, or at any point you feel appropriate, rewrite the three XP goals to suit your aims. It’s usually about learning, but it’s not always about killing and looting.

Alternate Progression

Alternatively, you could remove XP entirely and instead allow characters to gain a level per session in which they were featured.

sharing GM responsibilities

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