Quests and Navigation

The following moves replace Undertake a Perilous Journey when you are an elf moving through the Briarwood.



When you seek something specific in the Briarwood, draw two six-segment clocks. One is the distance between you and your Goal. The other is the distance between you and the nearest Tear.


When you lead a two-day expedition into the Briarwood, mark your path and new position on the map, consume one ration per person, then roll+WIS.

Elven honour prevents any elf from leading again until each other member of the party has lead as many times.

  • On a 7+, you make a discovery. Use the higher of your dice to determine the type.
  • On a 7-9, there is a danger between you and the discovery. Use the lower of your dice to determine the type.
  • On a 6-, you find only a danger. Use the lower die to determine the type, and mark XP.

When you choose a discovery or danger, mark a segment on your goal or tear clocks, respectively. When a clock is full, your either discover your Goal, face a dangerous Tear, or both!


  1. Ruin
  2. Ruin
  3. Resource (food)
  4. Resource (ingredient)
  5. Resource (tool)
  6. Resource (knowledge)


  1. Corruption. Choose an additional danger to describe what has been corrupted.
  2. Entity (Woodlander or Spirit)
  3. Entity (Outsider or Demon)
  4. Entity (Beast)
  5. Environment (terrain)
  6. Environment (plants)

Example resources: Fruits, herbs, fungi, 1d6 rations, 1d4 medicines, 1d4 poisons, a weapon, a key, an artifact, a book, a scroll, a track.

Environmental dangers could be terrain, dangerous plants, or even weather/light.


Each time you enter a chamber of an elven ruin, roll an exploration die, starting with a d4. On a 1, you find an empty chamber with a staircase to a deeper level: Descend and shift one die size up. If you find something unique, cross it off the list. If you roll that number again, use the next available result instead. When you roll a 12, you find the final treasure of the ruin! For any other result, use the table below:

  • 1 Empty chamber, stairs down
  • 2 Danger
  • 3-4 Discovery + Danger
  • 5-6 Discovery
  • 7 Danger
  • 8 Discovery + Danger
  • 9 Discovery
  • 10 Unique Danger
  • 11 Unique Discovery + Danger
  • 12 Unique Artifact

Describe the artifact you have discovered. It is as dangerous as it is powerful. You must Bind your Spirit to it to unlock its powers, and invite the risks upon yourself whenever you attempt to activate it.

Quests and Navigation

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