Magic in the Briarwood risks Corruption in many ways, but the simplest understanding is this modified Cast a Spell move:

Cast a Spell

When you open your mind and spirit to the weave of magical energy, roll+INT.
On a 10+, the spell is successfully cast without unintended side-effects.
On a 7-9, it is cast successfully, but choose one from the the list below.
On a 6-, choose two.

  • The spell backfires or misfires in some way
  • The real world takes advantage of your distracted state
  • You suffer 1d4 temporary Corruption.

Druidic powers are subject to a similar danger, it is likely that Clerics or Paladins would also be at risk when invoking supernatural aid.


Theurgs and Witches begin play with a “Spellbook” (physical or mental) containing 3 cantrips and 5 spells of each level. For each hour they spend studying, they may lose their memorised spells and memorise new spells to the value of their level + 1.


When you learn a new ritual (witness, study notes or receive the knowledge) you add it to your spellbook and gain 1d4 permanent Corruption.


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