Laws of the Briar

Cut not the thorn, weave around the barb.
Should the thorn cut you,
All the better to sharpen your senses
So you may begin anew
To learn the bramble's twisting lesson true.

Wake not the Sleepers,
Protect the Rose's bloom,
Respect our ruined homes of ages past,
And should you find a Tear in the thinner veils
Be sure to seal it fast.

Steer the wayward beasts
Safely back toward the path,
To learn how Elders tend the young,
And should an interloper trespass
Defend the Briar to your last.

When finally you tire of the tangled way,
Come close, rest your head until morn.
Unravel in Dream,
A new life awaits
In a season refreshed and reborn.

Laws of the Briar

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