Light and Shade

The laws of magic state that every lit candle casts a shadow; so it is with magic. Each of the triggers below risk exposure to Corruption. Your Corruption threshold is half your Constitution score.

When you use a mystic power, ritual or tainted artifact, spend an hour in a corrupted area, or take damage from an abomination, unless otherwise specified, you suffer 1d4 temporary Corruption.

When you bind yourself to an artifact, learn a ritual, spend an hour in the deepest wood, or reach your Corruption threshold, unless otherwise specified, you gain 1d4 permanent Corruption. The permanent points replace up to their their equivalent in temporary points, should you have that many. For any amount beyond that, simply add the permanent points.

When you are corrupted, your “shadow” (aura) is blight-stricken. This is visible via the Witchsight spell or Holy Smoke ritual but any temporary Corruption fades away when you Make Camp. Permanent corruption requires stronger measures to reduce or remove, like Purging Fire, Blood Bond, Soul Stone, Water of the Dusk or Atonement. When your permanent Corruption equals your Corruption threshold, your body is blight-marked.

When your total Corruption equals or exceeds your Constitution, you become an abomination beyond player control. There is no known ritual to save you.


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