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  • Quests and Navigation

    The following moves replace Undertake a Perilous Journey when you are an elf moving through the Briarwood.



    When you

  • Bind your Spirit

    When you bind your spirit to an artifact, it is for life. Gain 1d4 permanent [[Corruption]].

  • Corruption

    Light and Shade

    The laws of magic state that every lit candle casts a shadow; so it is with magic. Each of the triggers below risk exposure to [[Corruption]]. Your Corruption threshold is half your Constitution score.

    When you use …

  • Magic

    Magic in the Briarwood risks [[Corruption]] in many ways, but the simplest understanding is this modified Cast a Spell move: h2. Cast a Spell When you _*open your mind and spirit to the weave of magical energy*_, roll+INT. On a 10+, the spell is …

  • sharing GM responsibilities

    h2. Agenda Addenda * Create the Story Together * Play Honestly * Always Seek the Most Interesting Twist h2. I Missed You, d20 When you _*play Dungeon World without a GM*_, sit a d20 in front of a random player. When you _*want help determining …

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