Into The Briarwood

Session 0

The Briar is dark, tangled, and haunted,
The oldest elven wood, perhaps the last.
Its youngest elves, like us, live on its outskirts,
Its depths hold many mysteries and threats.

We are its caretakers and guardians,
Dreaming of the treasures we protect,
Nightmares of the Corruption which yearns to break free,
Which we must not let escape.

Each elf awoke this morning with a fragment of the same dream, describe it:

  • An ancient treasure (what does it look like? What dangerous power does it hold?)
  • A lost elven ruin (what was its purpose, and how did it fall?)
  • A distinct area of the Briarwood (you normally avoid it, which of its terrain or inhabitants keeps you away?)
  • Other beings closing in on it, deliberately or otherwise (other elves, other woodlanders, or outsiders?)
  • One of the Nine Blooms, about to awaken (what colour is the rose, and what power does it brew for centuries?)

As you follow these clues toward your goal, you hear a noise just beyond your view. Each of you suspects it to be a different danger. Describe it, and how you ready yourself. We’re about to discover which of you is right.

After the encounter, make camp and let the characters talk to each other about their vocations and fears. These will help fuel further adventures in the Briarwood.


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