The Briarwood campaign is an attempt at a few things:

  1. BALANCE: Removing the traditional role of the GM by sharing GM responsibilities among all players, and 
  2. DARK ELVEN WOODS: Inspired by Symbaroum's Davokar, the Briarwood is a formidable and forbidding place wherein the guardian elves grow stranger toward its centre, and become alien to each other, as they grow in power, yet
  3. CASUAL: Using a West Marches-esque approach, games are on the first Friday of every month, and the first six players to sign up are in, provided that the party contains at least one Elf of the Briar, and at least one Stranger who didn’t attend the last session. This means it’s okay for people to skip sessions, and always leaves room for fresh blood at the table.

Visual Cues: http://pinterest.com/elstiko/the-briarwood

Soundtrack: https://open.spotify.com/user/1239959421/playlist/5noT9ppH16630Tn5gS1gy5

Into The Briarwood

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